Web Design, Prototype, 2017 (in-progress)

Web Design (Prototype), 2017

Impossibiology is a website prototype for a collaborative writing project in the form of a “queer crypto-bestiary” in which queer-identifying writers wrote creative entries for different cryptids to form a compendium of cryptid species and explorations of queer identity. The two were paired because of how they have both been denied and erased by scientific and archival processes. A PDF of the full deliverable and development is available here.


The layout of the site combines aspects of traditional print field guides and bestiaries with those of contemporary web design trends to create a smooth reading experience and seamless navigation between pages.

Each color corresponds to a category of habitat (i.e. water, urban, desert, etc.)

The text on each page is accompanied by illustrations of the creatures. This was an opportunity for me to dive back into a skill I hadn’t used in years.