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Honors Thesis in Studio Art
Brand & Exhibition Design, 2017–2018

Exponow is a speculative design project exploring the construction of identity and belonging through the commodification of temporality and experience within advertising and graphic design. It drew upon critical theory, literature, and the history of World's Fairs to create a fictional exposition that offers an examination and critique of its own praxes and conceptual queues as the visitor moves through the exhibition. A cohesive visual identity and brand guideline was developed in tandem with the conceptual research, resulting in a series of banners visualizing the theoretical work, as well as a comprehensive set of expo collateral, which was available for sale through an indiegogo fundraiser for materials expenses.

The exhibition was the culminating product of an Honors Thesis in Design in the Studio Art Department at Wesleyan University. It came out of a year of academic research and visual exploration. All communication and environmental design, as well as fabrication, collateral production, and installation was completed by myself.

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