Send me a Picture of Your Face, 2018

The Senior Seminar in Wesleyan University’s Writing Department commissioned this anthology design in the spring of 2018. The typographic scheme of the book meant to reflect a prevalent theme of the seminar: to look at the history and context of contemporary writing and publishing in order to explore and ascertain possibilities for its future. This was achieved through the use of highly contrasted and expressive fonts, both serif and sans serif.


Until the Cows Come Home, 2017

My poet, friend, and collaborator Aeon Ginsberg (née Alain Ginsberg) asked me to design the poetry chapbook for their 2017 tour. The cover illustration is by another colleague, Kristy Hambrick. The typography of this chapbook thoughtfully calls upon Aeon’s poetry’s stark address of contemporary queer life as well as the dark, gothic, and ornamental.


Everyday Barf, 2015

An exploration of Eileen Myles’s essay, “Everyday Barf,” originally published in Sorry Tree. This book was made as a final for Typography I studio in Fall 2015 and seeks to formally interpret the essay’s exploration of the quotidian’s ephemeral qualities and capacity for wonder. It is achieved through a continuous accordion binding method, translucent paper, and a widely used, modern font (Helvetica).


Squirrels of Wesleyan, 2015

An artist’s book made in Art in a Mediated Landscape, an Environmental Studies seminar at Wesleyan University in Spring 2015.